METROPOLIS is a new site specific installation in the MATERIAL GIRRRL exhibition at China Cultural Centre in Sydney

31 MARCH – 27 MAY 2022

BEATA GEYER, Metropolis, 2022


Nicholas Tsoutas


Dandizi Chen, Euphemia Bostock, Peihua Chen, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Qiyao Chen, Elizabeth Day, Yang Liu, Beata Geyer, Yi Pang, Rox De Luca, Wenmin Tong

Co-hosted by:

  • Consulate- General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney
  • China Cultural Centre in Sydney


  • ART NOVA 100
  • Beijing Mingtai Culture & Art Co.,Ltd


in FABRIK exhibition at Penrith Regional Gallery, Sydney

21 November 2020 – 28 February 2021

LOVED, 2020 site specific installation. Photo Silversalt

“Colour sells and right colour sells better” – Colour Marketing Group

LOVED explores intersections between colour, fashion and design with a particular focus on colour forecasting and palette development. Complex and yet intuitive, colour forecasting has a history dating back to 18th Century and has been a major driving force in fashion and textile industry since. Colour forecasting is a fundamental part of fashion and trend predictions, a collective effort to accurately forecast what consumers wants to purchase approximately two years in advance.

 As most of the products that we buy are fundamentally the same, colour plays a major role that influences our purchasing decisions. Colour feeds our cycle of consumption, offering seemingly new choices time and time again. Every year new colour palettes are released by major forecasting companies such as Pantone, CMG, WGSN, for manufacturers of all kinds of consumer goods to follow. Fashion designers both set and follow trends, increasingly feeding into other industries, particularly interiors and furniture design, with fashion houses routinely adding interior collections to their arsenal. 

The current collective mood makes it difficult to tap into future zeitgeist and the (post)pandemic colour forecasts seem to highlight our lack of certainty about the future. The trend books offer a vast array of themes, from psychedelic neon’s, energetic reds,exuberant oranges, strong blues and cooling greens, to muted, bohemian neutrals, and timeless monochromes. LOVED is a colour forecast, a personal journey into the past, the present and the future, a colour palette of now and next.

LOVED, 2020, site specific installation, acrylic paint, wood, MDF, fabric, found objects, video

FABRIK exhibition at Penrith Regional Gallery. Photos Alex Wisser


19 December 2020 – 3 January 2021

Tango, 2020. Small site specific installation in the AT10: Articulate Turns Ten group exhibition, APS in Sydney

obliquExt in SOLO exhibition

28 November – 13 December 2020 Articulate Project Space, Sydney

OBLIQUE  16 May – 1 June 2014 

obliquExt  28 November – 13 December 2020


(adjective): əˈbliːk/ 1. neither parallel nor at right angles to a specified or implied line; slanting 2. not expressed or done in a direct way.

Site specific installation project based around the concept of form-ation, an idea of an active and mobile form that not just is, but rather does, in the context of architectonics of gallery space. The project is realised through the process of planar, spatial and colour manipulation in various acts of designation, accumulation and  negotiation that will continue throughout the duration of exhibition.

obliquExt  2020 

For this documentation project I am planning to create a small site – specific response using a residue of objects and materials from OBLIQUE 2014 installation.

I would consider this to be a new work, an annexation of a new space with a simultaneous extraction, hence the new title obliquExt.

obliquExt  2020 installation view at Articulate Project Space. Photos by Kenneth Lambert


1 August – 20 September 2020

A Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Exposé Program exhibition curated by Beata Geyer

Susan Andrews M Bozzec Kris Peta Deray Tom Isaacs Beata Geyer  Tom Loveday Naomi Oliver Katya Petetskaya Rebecca Waterstone Miriam Williamson and Brad Allen-Waters

BLUE is the most popular colour in contemporary Western societies, a colour with profound social and cultural associations and symbolism that resonates throughout history, language, religion, gender, science, psychology, fashion and art.  

BLUE is our world – in the Blue Mountains we are especially connected to the environmental significance of the concept and physicality of the colour, however blue has a place in history unlike any other colour. Its rich history and cultural significance manifests in our everyday lives, in our social codes and our sensibilities.  BLUE saturates our vision, our language and our mind, representing myriads of concepts, emotions and ideas. 

The MAPBM artists  in the exhibition respond to BLUE and its varied meanings through a variety of media; including painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video and performance art. 

Modern Art Projects Blue Mountains (MAPBM) is a not-for-profit incorporated association that supports and advocates for the development, production and exhibition of contemporary, multi-form art in the Blue Mountains. MAPBM also aims to foster an independent environment that supports the development and practice of contemporary artists and curators and to engage with the wider Blue Mountains community in developing a new critical agenda for contemporary art in the region.

BLUE installation view Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. All photos: Silversalt Photography

RIVER BLAU, 2020, site specific installation in BLUE

RIVER BLAU is a chromatic intervention, a multi-dimensional formation of monochromatic elements individually assembled in space.  Unstable and complex, the flow of RIVER BLAU intersects the architectonics of the gallery space and saturates its surroundings.  

The viewer is invited to negotiate the space, to discover the different views, angles and unravelling relationships within the artwork and its surroundings. 

The spatial and chromatic complexity of RIVER BLAU amplifies colour blue as a constructive element, exploring its multi-relational nature and transgressing boundaries between painting, sculpture and architecture.