in FABRIK exhibition at Penrith Regional Gallery, Sydney

21 November 2020 – 28 February 2021

LOVED, 2020 site specific installation. Photo Silversalt

“Colour sells and right colour sells better” – Colour Marketing Group

LOVED explores intersections between colour, fashion and design with a particular focus on colour forecasting and palette development. Complex and yet intuitive, colour forecasting has a history dating back to 18th Century and has been a major driving force in fashion and textile industry since. Colour forecasting is a fundamental part of fashion and trend predictions, a collective effort to accurately forecast what consumers wants to purchase approximately two years in advance.

 As most of the products that we buy are fundamentally the same, colour plays a major role that influences our purchasing decisions. Colour feeds our cycle of consumption, offering seemingly new choices time and time again. Every year new colour palettes are released by major forecasting companies such as Pantone, CMG, WGSN, for manufacturers of all kinds of consumer goods to follow. Fashion designers both set and follow trends, increasingly feeding into other industries, particularly interiors and furniture design, with fashion houses routinely adding interior collections to their arsenal. 

The current collective mood makes it difficult to tap into future zeitgeist and the (post)pandemic colour forecasts seem to highlight our lack of certainty about the future. The trend books offer a vast array of themes, from psychedelic neon’s, energetic reds,exuberant oranges, strong blues and cooling greens, to muted, bohemian neutrals, and timeless monochromes. LOVED is a colour forecast, a personal journey into the past, the present and the future, a colour palette of now and next.

LOVED, 2020, site specific installation, acrylic paint, wood, MDF, fabric, found objects, video

FABRIK exhibition at Penrith Regional Gallery. Photos Alex Wisser

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