obliquExt in SOLO exhibition

28 November – 13 December 2020 Articulate Project Space, Sydney

OBLIQUE  16 May – 1 June 2014 

obliquExt  28 November – 13 December 2020


(adjective): əˈbliːk/ 1. neither parallel nor at right angles to a specified or implied line; slanting 2. not expressed or done in a direct way.

Site specific installation project based around the concept of form-ation, an idea of an active and mobile form that not just is, but rather does, in the context of architectonics of gallery space. The project is realised through the process of planar, spatial and colour manipulation in various acts of designation, accumulation and  negotiation that will continue throughout the duration of exhibition.

obliquExt  2020 

For this documentation project I am planning to create a small site – specific response using a residue of objects and materials from OBLIQUE 2014 installation.

I would consider this to be a new work, an annexation of a new space with a simultaneous extraction, hence the new title obliquExt.

obliquExt  2020 installation view at Articulate Project Space. Photos by Kenneth Lambert

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